UCL®Tai Ji

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Working with the Lattice, with the UCL®

Your body and mind practice together in a new way: To perceive, think and move in circles and figure eight loops. These UCL®Tai Ji-movements and gestures, easy and essential ones, are done with the awareness that the UCL is a doorway to our greater multi-dimensional being. UCL®Tai Ji also introduces a special way of grounding more deeply in your “Center Below”.

The UCL®Tai Ji gestures sacredly enhance your ability to radiate core energy. In this practice you discover a body language, that opens the heart and speaks the energy of love.

In activating the physical body in consonance with the higher energies, you will bring your intents in alignment with the language of the Universal Field. So your actions, intentions and wishes are expressed in the resonant language of heart feelings and “core-energy”.

Together with Peggy Phoenix Dubro, the founder of the EMF-Balancing Technique® we developed a training program and the UCL Tai Ji® DVD with exercises which help you to experience and work creatively with your UCL, and to strengthen your connection to the Universal Energy or Cosmic Lattice.

The awareness of the Lattice can also be applied to the other Tai Ji and Qi Gong forms of HeartSpirit Tai Ji, very obviously in the Five Elements Tai Ji form of Living Tao.

Full Day Workshop: UCL® Tai Ji

Two Day Certification Workshop: UCL® Tai Ji

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