Dancing into Consciousness videos

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By Andieas D. Hofmann, Mirella Baumgartner and Friends

Featuring “Quantum Heart Movements” choreographed in the moment to the audio of “Opening into Consciousness” by Geoffrey Hoppe and Yoham.

These videos guides you into new dimensions of breathing, feeling and expanding yourself. Heart breathing and creative movements easily activate your complete “body of consciousness.” In a New Energy way of learning, this is a playful journey in beautiful alpine nature to the inspired audio guidance of “Opening into Consciousness” by Geoffrey Hoppe and music by Yoham.

There are Seven Videos: 1) Introduction by Andieas (3:46)

2) Breathing (8:48)

3) Breathing and Toning Practice (9:40)

4) Feeling (10:13)

5) Point of Presence (10:08)

6) Expanding (12:31)

7) Bonus: Trailer (3:15)

You can buy these videos through Crimson Circle Store.

Also you can watch intro to Dancing Into Consciousness on YouTube

The basis of this video is to experience opening yourself into the consciousness of the new energy. The beautifully simple and profound audio guidance by Geoffrey Hoppe together with the music of Yoham provide a template for this process.

The production of the video flowed with ease and joy, simply following our intuition and trusting ourselves that everything will unfold and happen as necessary. It felt like a celebration of our multidimensional being, with no schedule and no rehearsal.

These videos are designed to encourage and inspire you to feel free and to enjoy moving, toning and dancing while practicing breathing and sensing more deeply and consciously.

Click on Andieas' heart center to see the animated energy portrait.