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Tai Ji

Standing firm centered like a mountain
Flexible in your power like a cat
Floating and stable
A loving joyful heart
Open to the wide spread heavens
Following the Tao in equanimity
- Andieas Danata

Tai Ji Workshop Descriptions

Quantum Heart Movement by Andieas Danata presents Tai Ji -’ Up-dates’ for our time:

Andieas teaches Tai Ji that opens the heart.

Opening the heart is the fastest way to increase the flow of the vital energy Qi in the whole body. The HeartSpirit-Tai Ji gestures and partner-exercises naturally increase the flow and exchange of the energy of love. The connection to our hearts gets more and more significant for the future of our world and individual lives. Listening to the inner wisdom of the heart is also key for answering the important questions in your life. In HeartSpirit Tai Ji you merge the strong energy-flow which is generated by the Tai Ji movements with the consciousness of the heart. You can use this loving energy for the intentions, wishes and visions of your life. This process leads to the heartbased power which speaks to the Universal Field and co-creates synchronicities.

A New Way of Teaching: Quantum-Teaching

Playfully, with humor and joy, showing the larger picture. As a group you will practice Tai Ji together in a circle - which creates a beautiful moving mandala. You will learn the movements by means of images, that are speaking to the soul. It is much easier to memorize movements and postures when they have obtained a personal meaning to you, and it is more fun than just learning the physical movements. This results in a kind of super-learning.

The teacher is a living standard. The teacher’s being, what he is truly radiating is what causes effortless and strong resonance. This is essential today, especially for the work with children.

In Andieas’ Tai Ji Dance-performances this can clearly be felt.

Working with the Lattice, with the UCL®

Your body and mind practice together in a new way: To perceive, think and move in circles and figure eight loops.

These UCL®Tai Ji-movements and gestures, easy and essential ones, are done with the awareness that the UCL is a doorway to our greater multi-dimensional being. UCL®Tai Ji also introduces a special way of grounding more deeply in your “Center Below”.

The UCL®Tai Ji gestures sacredly enhance your ability to radiate core energy. In this practice you discover a body language, that opens the heart and speaks the energy of love.

In activating the physical body in consonance with the higher energies, you will bring your intents in alignment with the language of the Universal Field. So your actions, intentions and wishes are expressed in the resonant language of heart feelings and “core-energy”.

Together with Peggy Phoenix Dubro, the founder of the EMF-Balancing Technique® we developed a training program and the UCL Tai Ji® DVD with exercises which help you to experience and work creatively with your UCL, and to strengthen your connection to the Universal Energy or Cosmic Lattice.

The awareness of the Lattice can also be applied to the other Tai Ji and Qi Gong forms of HeartSpirit Tai Ji, very obviously in the Five Elements Tai Ji form of Living Tao.

So Andieas created the new Five Elements UCL®Tai Ji program. This sequence opens up a playful access to the moving art of Tai Ji as well as to the energetic posture of ‘Radiating Core Energy’ - which is a main concept of the work with The Lattice®.

For your students who are already familiar with Tai Ji or Qi Gong, or for practitioners of any modality of body work, UCL Tai Ji brings a new dimension to their practice. It is focused beyond the physical body movements directly into the multidimensional field, where energetic movements are created that easily and gracefully support your physical body movements.

Teaching the Inner Wisdom of Tai Ji

Andieas has reconnected to the roots of Tai Ji, to the ancient wisdom of the Tao. On the other hand he is connecting to the Higher Energies of our time.

You will experience that there is much more to these elegant mystical gestures than health and self-defense.

Nowadays the inner meaning of Tai Ji has generally been lost because teaching the spiritual side and meditation of the Taoist tradition has been forbidden in Communist China.

How did Andieas rediscover the deeper meaning of the Tai Ji choreography?

First he was inspired by one of his teachers, the gifted Tao Master Chung-liang Al Huang and his “Living Tao” Tai Ji.
Then in his own Tai Ji seminars Andieas followed his intuition and also worked with the support of the Higher Energies of Lao Tse, Kung Tse, Kuan Yin, Mother Mary, Sananda, Babaji…., and the Archangels Michael, Ariel, Raphael… channeled by his former wife and co-worker Christina Hofmann and his spiritual teacher Roswitha Ma. They received informations about the meaning of Tai Ji for the evolution of consciousness in our time.

In 27 years of practicing and 25 years of teaching it Andieas has experienced Living Tao Tai Ji as a dancing poem which accompanies our life. There is no fixed interpretation or definition of the Tai Ji gestures, you can always discover new facets and fresh meanings in these inspiring choreographies.

Click on Andieas' heart center to see the animated energy portrait.