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My passion is to bring the profound moving-art and Taoist philosophy of Tai Ji into the evolving New Energy and Consciousness of our time.

Background and Training

My background is merger of Western Psychology and Eastern meditation. I studied sociology and psychology, writing two diploma thesis about the value of Tai Ji for the Western culture and psyche.

Heart & Spirit Tai Ji

I started Tai Ji Quan(=Tai Chi Chuan) with the authentic Yang-Style and then moved to Living Tao Tai Ji. Born in Germany in 1954, I have been teaching Heart & Spirit-Tai Ji and Qi Gong for 30 years now.

I have also done Tai Ji Dance performances, including a role in Lex van Someren’s show Dream-Journey for the Soul, and working with the audiences in medical, buisiness and New Age conferences.

My awakening in the New Consciousness started in 1989, followed by intense years of spiritual education with my teacher Roswitha Ma and since then many others.

In the last years I have been enjoying and intensely transforming with the Crimson Council Master Teacher Adamus St. Germain - see www.crimsoncircle.com

So at the moment I am taking a break and giving only few seminars on demand.


Currently I work internationally in cooperation with Peggy Phoenix Dubro and present in Lee Carroll’s team in Kryon events. Together with EEI I have produced the UCL Tai Ji® -DVD.

To the audio guidance of Geoffrey Hoppe`s “Opening into Consciousness” and the music of Yoham I have produced the video “Dancing into Consciousness”.

I am also involved in creating New Energy Tai Ji tools for the work with children, creating the new 5 Elements UCL® Tai Ji work and DVD (released end of 2009).

I have three grown children, and live with my partner Mirella in Switzerland.

Meaning of Tai Ji (Tai Chi)

The term Tai Ji literally means the ‘highest most balanced state of being’ - expressed in the well-known Tai Ji or Yin-Yang symbol, and so studying Tai Ji I was looking to choose the best teachers that I could find. These were my main Tao and Tai Ji teachers:

Basic Tai Ji Training:

These were my main Tao and Tai Ji teachers:

  • Classical Authentic Yang-Style- Tai Chi Chuan with Frieder Anders (Frankfurt/Germany) and Master Chu King Hung (London) from 1977 - 1983.

  • Training in the Living Tao with Chungliang Al Huang from 1982 - 1990

  • Universal Healing Tao with Mantak Chia from 1984 - 1995.

  • Kuan Yin Qi Gong of Unconditional Love and Tai Ji Shen Gong with Jun Feng Li and Jing Li from 2004-2005

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