Welcome to Quantum Heart Movement

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It is my pleasure to share with you the essence of my last 30 years of teaching “HeartSpirit-Tai Ji” which has transformed into what I now call Quantum Heart Movement®.

These are gestures and movements nurturing the soul and opening your heart. You learn to move with ease, joy and grace as you are connecting to the energies of the Universal Field. This recharges and balances you, and supports your body in the transformation of the lightbody process. You will also enjoy the easy way of learning.

I invite you to explore more of Quantum Heart Movement and the Lattice, and to enjoy the videos and pictures.

Dancing Into Consciousness Video Trailer

UCL® Tai Ji

Together with Peggy Phoenix Dubro/EEI I have developed the UCL® Tai Ji work and DVD.

I have produced a new video “Dancing into Consciousness”. This guides you into new dimensions of breathing, feeling and expanding yourself. You can buy this video through the Crimson Circle Store.

In the last years I have been enjoying and intensely transforming with the Crimson Council Master Teacher Adamus St. Germain - see www.crimsoncircle.com

So at the moment I am taking a break and giving only a few seminars on demand.

Click on Andieas' heart center to see the animated energy portrait.